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Frog-Themed Crypto Token PEPE Slips to Fifth Position Amid Rising Dog-Influenced Rivals

Meme Token PEPE Loses Ground to Dog-Themed Counterparts

Amidst the raging competition of meme coins, characterized by their unique and often humorous themes, PEPE, which once enjoyed a commendable position in the market, has recently seen a slump. In the face of potent contenders, the meme token based on the once-popular internet figure Pepe the Frog, has slid from its previous third position to a rather disappointing fifth place in terms of market capitalization. Though PEPE saw an impressive increase of 29% in just the last month, the past six months reveal an overall decline of about 8% in its value.

Sifting Through the Volatility of PEPE’s Crypto Performance

As we delve into the details, the scenario for PEPE appears quite gloomy. As of December 24, 2023, two relatively nouveau tokens, CORGIAI and BONK, have ascended to the fourth and third positions in the world of meme tokens. Notably, these top four meme tokens all share a dog-based thematic branding, leaving the frog-themed PEPE in a complex contest.

Marking PEPE’s market capitalization at $582 million, and comparing it to CORGIAI’s rather hefty figure of $719 million, PEPE’s position seems significantly overshadowed. Furthermore, PEPE had its fair share of challenges in August. Following the accusation of former team members misusing $15 million worth of coins, PEPE’s credibility and subsequently, its price, took quite a beating.

While all this sounds a bit distressing, it is important to recognize that PEPE successfully recorded an overwhelming increase of more than 2,400% after reaching its all-time low in April 2023. Similarly, we cannot forget that despite facing a drop of more than 67% post its peak in May 2023, a staggering 420 trillion PEPE tokens are still in circulation.

In light of these figures, it might be upsetting to know that the top ten holders control nearly 43% of the circulating supply, and the top 20 wallets account for about 51% of the total supply. This limited distribution trend continues with the top 50 holders controlling over 64% of PEPE’s circulating coins, and the top 100 wallets possessing over 70% of circulating PEPE tokens.

The token nevertheless perseveres, recording over 2 million transactions on and a 24-hour trading volume of $102.75 million. The most vigorous trading activity has occurred on the MEXC exchange, with USDT consistently emerging as the favored trading pair for PEPE.

It’s clear that the crypto market is a realm of relentless fluctuation, and the fate of PEPE continues to flicker in this wind of uncertainty. In such a dynamic landscape, meme coins can very quickly rise to prominence, only to fade into insignificance with equal speed. PEPE’s journey epitomizes the capricious currents of the digital currency world.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the current position of the frog-themed crypto token PEPE?

PEPE has slipped to the fifth position among all crypto tokens due to the increasing competition from dog-influenced rivals.

2. Why has PEPE slipped in its ranking among crypto tokens?

PEPE has slipped in its ranking due to the rise of dog-influenced rivals, which have gained popularity and attracted more attention from investors.

3. What are some examples of dog-influenced rivals that have surpassed PEPE?

Some examples of dog-influenced rivals that have surpassed PEPE include Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and SafeMoon, among others.

4. What factors have contributed to the rise of dog-influenced rivals over PEPE?

The rise of dog-influenced rivals can be attributed to their strong community support, influential endorsements from celebrities, and successful marketing campaigns that have captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts.

5. Is there any hope for PEPE to regain its position in the crypto market?

While the competition is tough, PEPE still has the potential to regain its position in the crypto market. Its success will depend on its ability to adapt, innovate, and attract new investors with unique features or partnerships.

6. How have investors reacted to PEPE slipping in its ranking?

Investors have reacted differently to PEPE slipping in its ranking. Some have chosen to hold onto their investments, believing in the long-term potential of the token, while others have been tempted to switch their investments to the rising dog-influenced rivals.

7. What lessons can be learned from PEPE’s decline in ranking?

PEPE’s decline in ranking highlights the importance of staying relevant and adaptable in the ever-changing crypto market. It emphasizes the need for continuous innovation, community engagement, and effective marketing strategies to maintain a competitive edge.